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Featured Article Detailing Cystic Fibrosis’ Impacts on Women’s Health, Contributed to by Dr. James Miller

Cystic fibrosis (CF) is a genetic condition that can negatively affect a women’s sexual and reproductive health. Learn more about CF in the article "How Cystic Fibrosis Affects Women’s Sexual and Reproductive Health", featuring Dr, James Miller.

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What to Expect at Prenatal Visits

Dr. James and Dr. Christina are often asked "what to expect at prenatal appointments?". Read to learn all about prenatal appointments, including important guidelines for ultrasounds, bloodwork, screenings, and timelines.

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Health Promotion Recommendations For Women

In addition to regular GYN care, including annual physicals, history, cholesterol screening, pap smear and other recommended screening tests, Dr. James and Dr. Christina offer lifestyle recommendations meant improve women's overall health.

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Annual Exams Explained

Annual Examinations are an imperative part of maintaining your health. Read more about Annual Exams as well as additional important health screenings and preventative measures that are critical for your overall wellbeing.

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